Unwrapping Our Gifts

He created us with a depth of care and love that we can’t fathom. As you explore and uncover your gifts and your selves, you’ll also reveal the exuberant love our creator felt as He crafted His masterpiece: YOU

All of your nuance and subtlety, the way you smile, the way you walk, the way you light the room up when engaged or encouraged.

We can only imagine the sheer depth of His love for us, but we can certainly acknowledge and thank Him for the amount of care and work that went into creating our delightful and complex world, and the additional amount of love and labor it took to result in the wonderful YOU!

This Is Going To Be Glorious

This company, and its work-product, will lead you on a journey back to yourself, back to the perfect you, the joyful, delightful you…like God made you.  

Ongoing Projects

SongOfSantaPaula :  Toward The End of Homelessness

CarBuyingSerenity :  Fixing The American Budget, Upgrading The American Life

TheRoadLeastTraveled :  Mental Health Care Advocacy for Change

TDC Mobile Resource Van: Vegas  Ice Cold Beverages, Warm Loving Advice

NogginMart:  The company store. Books, supplements, software, all focused on you–on helping you find your gifts.

Fundraiser for the above projects: 

Our message is the same one from the Bible. Love everybody, including yourself. Maybe especially yourself.

Joy and the Source

You were meant for joy, and it for you.
Joy is what you deserve, and joy is what you were meant to experience, right from the very start of you.  

Welcome to ThinkDreamCreate!

This is the parent site of an exciting collection of projects, both for-profit and not.

We’ll be addressing both the homelessness situation and mental health care industry issues, with an eye toward solving them.

We’re also going to cure the American family budget by teaching folks how to spend less money and drive better cars.

Much, much more info to come.

Thanks for coming by!